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Broad-scope conference encompassing all aspects of rare earths (Sc, Y, lanthanides) and actinides science. Under the guidance of the European Rare Earth and Actinide Society, ERES (

Previous ICFE conferences were held in: Leuven (Belgium, 1990), Helsinki (Finland (1994), Paris (France, 1997), Madrid (Spain, 2000), Geneva (Switzerland, 2003), Wroclaw (Poland, 2006), Köln (Germany, 2009), Udine (Italy, 2012) & Oxford (U.K., 2015).

Satellite meeting: 5th International Conference on the Physics of Optical Materials and Devices, Aug. 27-31
Herzeg Novi, Montenegro  

Award Lectures
  • 7th LeCoq de Boisbaudran award, Professor Koen Binnemans (KU Leuven, Belgium)
  • 6th ERES Junior award, Professor Matteo Cargnello (Stanford, USA)
  • ChemPubSoc Europe Early Career Lecture, Professor Zhang Jun-Long (Peking University, P.R. China)

Book your hotel in advance, September is a busy touristic month in Lausanne & surrounding



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