Planned Sessions

Accepted invited speakers
(18 + 2 min)

1 Catalysis and reactivity
Suzanne Bart
Karsten Meyer
Moris S. Eisen (Israel Inst. Technology)
John Arnold (U of C, Berkeley, USA)
Peter Roesky (KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany)
2 Coordination chemistry & extended structures
Klaus Müller-Buschbaum
Louise Natrajan
Glen Deacon (Monash University, Australia)
3 Molecular magnetism
Richard A. Layfield
4 Biosciences and medicine
David Parker
Peter Caravan
Lorenzo Tei (U Amadeo Avogadro, Italy)
5 Theory and spectroscopy
Laurent Maron
Elisabeth Suturina  (U of Southampton, U.K.)
Lorenzo di Bari (Università di Pisa, Italy)
6 Luminescent probes & security tags
Luis D. Carlos
7 Lasers & telecommunications
William Gillin
8 Clean technologies
Maria Rute Ferreira André
Susan Kauzlarich
Valentina Utochnikova (Lomonosov Moscow State U, Russia)
9 Solid state physics & magnetism
Vitalij K. Pecharsky
10 Extraction, separation & recycling
Koen Binnemans
Isabelle Billard (LEPMI, Grenoble, France)
Alain Rollat (Private Consultant, Paris, France)
11 Geology, resources & criticality
Frances Wall