Monday September 3, 2018 p.m.

Parallel sessions


1 Catalysis & reactivity (1)

Room CO1

Chair: Suzanne Bart

13:30-14:00 KL-1-1 Matteo Cargnello, ERES Junior award

Ceria-supported catalysts: fundamental understanding and improved performance

14:00-14:30 KL-1-2 Jun Okuda

Molecular hydrides of divalent ytterbium: synthesis,
structure, and olefin hydrogenation catalysis


14:30-14:50 IL-1-1 Moris S. Eisen

Catalytic challenges with organoactinides

14:50-15:10 IL-1-2 John Arnold

Uranium and Thorium Chemistry with New
Supporting Ligands

15:10-15:30 IL-1-3 Gregory Nocton

On the fine tuning of the electronic structure of
organolanthanides: what influence on their reactivity and physical properties?


Coffee break

CO Center

Monday September 3, 2018 p.m.

Parallel sessions


8. Clean technologies (1)

Room CO1

Chair: Rute Ferreira

16:00-16:30 KL-8-1 Yasuchika Hasegawa

Luminescent Eu(III) coordination polymers for efficient

16:30-17:00 KL-8-2 Andries Meijerink

Understanding luminescence quenching: towards highly
efficient high power LED lighting sources


17:00-17:20 IL-8-1 Zhiguo Xia

Discovery of rare earth phosphors for emerging LEDs
applicationĀ ReFeO3 nanoparticles for bioimaging

17:20-17:40 IL-8-2 Rute Ferreira

Large area tunable visible/NIR luminescent solar

17:40-18:00 IL-8-3 Zheng Jie

New applications of rare earth hydrides in electrochemistry


Welcome reception

CO Terrace