Monday September 3, 2018 p.m.

Parallel sessions


11. Geology, Resources & Criticality (1)

Room CO122

Chair: Frances Wall

13:30-14:00 KL-11-1 Eugene Ilton

Towards an accurate characterization of uranium
coordination in Fe (oxyhydr)oxides

14:00-14:30 KL-11-2 Philip Verplanck

An Overview of Rare Earth Element Resources of the United

14:30-14:50 IL-11-1 Michael Kumke

Speciation analysis of Eu(III) sorption on backfill materials of nuclear waste repositories at alkaline conditions

14:50-15:10 IL-11-2 Marc Schmid

Responses to Criticality: An in-depth Analysis of German Manufacturers during the Rare Earth Crisis

15:10-15:30 IL-11-3 Frances Wall

Exploring carbonatites for rare earths


Coffee break

CO Center