Monday September 3, 2018 p.m.

Parallel sessions


5. Theory & Spectroscopy (1)


Chair: Laurent Maron


13:30-14:00 KL-5-1 Nikolas Kaltsoyannis

Very high spin ground states in matryoshka actinide nanoclusters

14:00-14:30 KL-5-2 Stosh A. Kozimor

Coordination chemistry of +3 actinides

14:30-14:50 IL-5-1 Lorenzo di Bari

Circularly polarized photo- and electroluminescence of chiral lanthanide complexes

14:50-15:10 IL-5-2 Victoria Berryman

The effects of pressure on An-O bonding: A QTAIM and

NBO study

15:10-15:30 IL-5-3 Andrew Kerridge

Quantification of the inverse trans-influence via the quantum theory of atoms in molecules


Coffee break

CO Center

Monday September 3, 2018 p.m.

Parallel sessions


4. Biosciences & medicine (1)

Room CO3

Chair: David Parker

16:00-16:30 KL-4-1 Tatjana Parac-Vogt

Lanthanide based nano-structures for bimodal T2 and optical imaging

16:30-17:00 KL-4-2 Stephen Faulkner

Bicycling in Oxford with responsive lanthanide complexes

17:00-17:20 IL-4-1 Carlos Gerald├Ęs

Synthesis and characterization of rare earth orthoferrite

ReFeO3 nanoparticles for bioimaging

17:20-17:40 IL-4-2 Kellie Tuck

The luminescent sensing of guanine nucleotides with trinuclear terbium complexes.

17:40-18:00 IL-4-3 Lorenzo Tei

Optimizing the relaxivity of Gd-based MRI probes at high magnetic fields


Welcome reception

CO Terrace