Tuesday September 4, 2018 a.m


Plenary lecture 2

Room CO1

Chair: Andries Meijerink

Prof. Dayong Jin (University of Technology, Sydney)


Coffee break

CO Center

Monday September 4, 2018 a.m.

Parallel sessions


Coordination Chemistry & Extended
Structures (1)

Room CO1

Chair: Klaus Müller-Buschbaum

10:30-11:00 KL-2-1 Suzanne Bart

Utilization of redox-active ligands in the f-block: Broadening redox chemistry in the actinide series

11:00-11:30 KL-2-2 Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt

Moving non-aqueous chemistry a bit deeper into the periodic table

11:30-11:50 IL-2-1 Richard Wilson

Trivalent lanthanide and actinide thiocyanate complexes

11:50-12:10 IL-2-2 Radmila Faizova

The effect of iron binding on pentavalent uranyl(V) stability

12:10-12:30 IL-2-3 Daniel Werner

Pyrazolates advance tetravalent cerium chemistry


Buffet lunch

CO Center