Tuesday September 4, 2018 a.m.

Parallel sessions


6. Luminescence & applications (1)
Sponsored by Light, Science & Applications

Room CO3

Chair: Luís Carlos

10:30-11:00KL-6-1 Zhang Jun Long (ChemSocPub award)

Design of NIR luminescent Ln cComplexes for biological applications

11:00-11:30 KL-6-2 David Parker

Europium probes: from pH to proteins

11:30-11:50IL-6-1 Anna Kaczmarek

Optical thermometers and other applications of
temperature-dependent luminescence

11:50-12:10 IL-6-2 Jiajia Guo

Temporal multiplexing of microRNA using Tb-dye FRET and amplifications

12:10-12:30 IL-6-3 Olivier Sénèque

A zinc finger scaffold for luminescence and MRI Zn2+ responsive probes


Buffet lunch

CO Center