Wednesday September 5, 2018 a.m.


Plenary lecture 3

Room CO1

Chair: M. Mazzanti

Professor Karsten Meyer (Friedrich-Alexander University)


Coffee break

CO Center

Wednesday September 5, 2018 a.m.

Parallel sessions


9. Solid state physics & magnetism

Room CO1

Chair: Vitalij Pecharsky

10:30-11:00 KL-9-1 Arthur Mar

Ternary and quaternary rare-earth germanides: discovery of intermetallic compounds from traditional to machine- learning approaches

11:00-11:30 KL-9-2 Julia Chan

Adventures in solid-state synthesis: Hidden gems to link materials’ properties

11:30-11:50 IL-9-1 Isadora Reis Rodriguez

Magnetophoresis of magnetomigration in aqueous lanthanide solutions

11:50-12:10 KL-9-3 Vincent Hardy

Coupled valence and spin state transition in a class of Pr- and Co-based oxides

12:10-12:30 IL-9-2 Julia-Maria Hübner

Lutetium trigermanide LuGe3: High-pressure synthesis, chemical bonding and superconductivity


Buffet lunch

CO Center