Wednesday September 5, 2018 a.m.

Parallel sessions


1. Catalysis & reactivity (3)

Room CO2

Chair: Suzanne Bart

10:30-11:00 KL-1-6 Polly Arnold

Uranium and neptunium complexes for many-electron reductive activation; two metals are better than one

11:00-11:30 KL-1-7 Geoffrey Cloke

Recent advances in small molecule activation by Uranium(III)

11:30-11:50 IL-1-11 James Boncella

Synthesis and characterization of a bis(amido)U(II) complex

11:50-12:20 KL-1-8 Zhaomin Hou

Half-sandwich rare-earth alkyl complexes: Versatile catalysts for organic synthesis and olefin polymerization

12:20-12:40 IL-1-12 Jeremy Hilgar

Bottom-up control of anisotropy in Er-based magnets


Buffet lunch

CO Center