Wednesday September 5, 2018 a.m.

Parallel sessions


6. Luminescence & applications (3)
Sponsored by Light, Science & Applications

Room CO3

Chair: Luís Carlos

10:30-11:00KL-6-6 Olivier Maury

Lanthanide bioprobes for biphotonic microscopy enabling spatial, spectral and temporal resolution

11:00-11:30 KL-6-7 Sidney Ribeiro

Multicolor emission through bi-directional energy transfer in Nd3+-sensitized Gd3+-based core/shell/shell upconverting nanoparticles

11:30-11:50 IL-6-11 Eszter Borbas

The effect of metal binding site changes on lanthanide emission efficiency

11:50-12:20 KL-6-8 Kenneth Raymond

Probing the mechanism of energy transfer in luminescent lanthanide complexes by ultrafast optical and X-ray absorption spectroscopy

12:20-12:40 IL-6-12 Miki Hasegawa

New aspects of enhanced ff emission in helicate complexes


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